January 2021 Family Fun Adventures

Updated: Apr 6

In January, we will focus on the weather. You will find a workbook and/or activity sheets that you can download to explore and evaluate all the fun that the seasons have to offer. . You will also find a list of books that we have collected to encourage your little readers and give you some new book ideas to add to your library.

Montessori is about learning naturally through play and observation. At Casa Montessori, as a family-owned and operated company, we also know the importance of working (and playing) together as a family. We believe in encouraging families to play together, make memories and have adventures.

You can also find our adventures on our social media platforms. We would LOVE to see your family's adventure. Upload some pictures to your social media platforms and tag us and use the hashtag #casafamilyfun We will keep an eye out! You can also encourage your friends to join our Family Fun Adventures too. They will be so glad that you did.

Happy January!

The staff of Casa Montessori Preschool.

Weekend Family Fun Challenge

Activity #1

Start tracking the weather and seasons with your preschool. Track how many sunny days, rainy days, snowy days, and cloudy days we have in January. Click the link to download the WEATHER & SEASONS WORKBOOK.

Activity #2 Make a rain stick with your preschooler and make rain indoors! Take a picture or video of your rain stick and the sounds it makes to share with us! Click the link to download the WEATHER & SEASONS WORKBOOK.

Activity #3 Take a winter walk this weekend with your preschooler. Collect some leaves and make leaf rubbing art. You can use the leaf pattern worksheet to evaluate the sizes and shapes of leaves together. Click the link below to view our blog entry and download the WEATHER & SEASONS WORKBOOK.

Casa January Reading List

Join our NEW 30-day reading challenge. You can start your challenge off with the books listed below or just choose some of the books you have at home. The goal is to read a book every day. We have a 30-day reading challenge worksheet for you to download (click the button below) with the very unique places to read, people to read with, and book subjects you can read about. Once you have completed a "challenge" enter the information into a Google Form (CLICK HERE) and then submit it to be entered in to win one of the books below (the title is a SUPRISE!).


BOOK #1: The Luckiest Snowball The Luckiest Snowball by Elliot Kreloff is the story of a snowball who gets to see all the seasons thanks to a little boy and his kitchen freezer.


BOOK #2: Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by il-Sung Na shows what animals do from winter to spring.


BOOK #3: 10 Sparkly Snowflakes

Join the woodland animals as they get ready to play snowy games in this peek-through counting book. Little ones will love to watch as the number of snowflakes decreases from 10 to 1 with each turn of the page.


Helpful Articles and Resources

How to Plan a Playdate for Kids By Amanda Rock | April 09, 2019 Up until now, you’ve been your child’s playmate. Together you’ve conquered Candy Land, eaten more than your fair share of mud pie, and built the most excellent block towers this side of the Mississippi. But as your preschooler gets older and starts attending school or daycare, her social circle will expand and playdates will become a vital part of her life. Playdates are an important part of building healthy social skills. Click the link below to visit our blog and download the “No-Bake Playdough Recipe” to use at your next playdate. SOURCE: VeryWellFamily.com READ MORE >

Healthy Eating for Preschoolers

Written by: Staff from the U. S. Department of Agriculture

Keeping your preschooler safe is your number one priority. Building safe habits will be valuable throughout their lives. You can help your child to build healthy habits now that will last a lifetime.

SOURCE: myplate.gov


Choosing the right snacks is a must for establishing healthy eating habits. Click the link below, visit our website, read our blog and download the Cookie Bowl Recipe Activity.


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