March 2021 Family Fun Adventures

Updated: Apr 6

Help your child learn more about the difference between Yesterday, Today and tomorrow in March. Download the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow workbook below. You will also find a list of books that we have collected to encourage your little readers and give you some new book ideas to add to your library.

Montessori is about learning naturally through play and observation. At Casa Montessori, as a family-owned and operated company, we also know the importance of working (and playing) together as a family. We believe in encouraging families to play together, make memories and have adventures.

You can also find our adventures on our social media platforms. We would LOVE to see your family's adventure. Upload some pictures to your social media platforms and tag us and use the hashtag #casafamilyfun We will keep an eye out! You can also encourage your friends to join our Family Fun Adventures too. They will be so glad that you did.

Happy March!

The staff of Casa Montessori Preschool.

Weekend Family Fun Challenge

Activity #1 Learn about BEFORE and AFTER by collecting items that you would DO before breakfast, after breakfast etc. Also, evaluate what happens in the DAY and what happens in the NIGHT. Click to download the YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW workbook.

Activity #2 Help your child learn how to plan their day. What happens first? What happens next? Do they go to bed first or get dressed first? What happens every day vs what you do every once in a while. Click to download the YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW workbook.

Activity #3 Start a great habit of journaling. Create a journal and help your child learn how to record what happened yesterday, today and what will happen tomorrow. You can also talk about your child's birthday too! Click to download the YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW workbook.

Activity #4 What is the difference between Long Ago and Today? You can use the worksheets to help explain the difference and to start some great conversations about things that were used in the past and things that are used today. Click to download the YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW workbook.

Casa march Reading List #1

Join our NEW 30 day reading challenge. You can start your challenge off with the books listed below or just choose some of the books you have at home. The goal is to read a book every day. We have a 30 day reading challenge worksheet for you to download (click the button below) with the very unique places to read, people to read with and book subjects you can read about. Once you have completed a "challenge" enter the information into a Google Form (CLICK HERE) and then submit it to be entered in to win one of the books below (the title is a SUPRISE!).

BOOK #1: Ariba

Written & illustrated by Masha Manapov

Marcus’ joy over a new pair of shoes reminds his grandfather of an old story about a boy named Ariba and his adventure-loving shoes. Every time Ariba put his shoes on, something crazy would happen. Once they even took him climbing to the peak of the yellow mountain! But one day, Ariba decides he’s going to move from his small village to the city on the other side of the mountains. When he arrives, he buys all new things–including a new pair of shoes. His new life has no room for the old pair. And yet, wouldn’t you know it? No matter what he does, the shoes keep finding their way back to him…


BOOK #2: Stichin' and Pullin'

By Patricia McKissack

For generations, the women of Gee’s Bend have made quilts to keep a family warm, as a pastime accompanied by sharing and singing or to memorialize loved ones. Today, the same quilts hang on museum walls as modern masterpieces of color and design. Inspired by these quilts and the women who made them, award-winning author Patricia C. McKissack traveled to Alabama to learn their stories. The lyrical rite-of-passage narrative that is the result of her journey seamlessly weaves together the familial, cultural, spiritual, and historical strands of life in this community.


BOOK #3: My Mother's Pearls

By Catherine Myler Fruisen

A young girl loves to help her mother dress up while listening to the story of her pearls, which have been passed down for generations from mother to daughter on her wedding day.


BOOK #4: Florence and Her Fantastic Family Tree

Written by Judy Gilliam

Everyone has a family tree, no matter how big or small. But what happens when mine has more than just the roots, trunk, and branches? I’ve got six parents (yes, six—you can count with me and see) and enough siblings to take up almost all of my fingers. Will this piece of paper, with the stems, branches, leaves, trunk, berries, and nuts of the great, big, loud, colorful, fun, crazy family I call mine, even fit on Ms. Collin’s wall at school?


Helpful Articles and Resources

Why make-believe play is an important part of childhood development By Tracy Gleason | Professor of Psychology- Wellesley College Visit any preschool classroom during free play and you will likely see a child pretending to be someone else. Make-believe play is a ubiquitous part of early childhood. And beyond being fun for kids, pretending and other kinds of imaginative play are also believed by some to be critical to healthy child development. SOURCE: READ MORE > Make-believe you and your preschooler are garden fairies! Click the link below to visit our website, read our blog and download the “Make Your Own Four Seasons Costume” worksheet. Tell us how fun it was! DOWNLOAD THE COSTUME WORKSHEET>

Fire Safety for Kids Protecting and Educating Your Children A home fire is a devastating event and one that you never count on happening. Your children are most at risk when this disaster occurs. In fact, children under five are twice as likely as other people to die in a home fire. Tragically, many home fires are started by children playing with dangerous household items – especially lighters and matches. Taking sensible precautions in the home and teaching your child how to escape from a fire can help your family avoid this type of heartbreak. SOURCE: READ MORE > Make a fire safety plan for your family and then help your preschooler understand by showing them with our free scavenger hunt worksheet, where to find the essential fire safety tools in your home. Click the link below to download your free FIRE PLAN WORKSHEETS. DOWNLOAD THE FIRE PLAN WORKSHEET>

Types of Hearing Tests for Babies and Children: What are the different types of hearing tests? By Staff of Stanford Children's As part of a hearing evaluation, your child's healthcare provider will do a complete health history and exam. In addition, there are many different types of hearing tests. Some of them may be used on all ages. Others are used based on your child's age and level of understanding. SOURCE: READ MORE > Make an appointment to have your preschooler visit the Audiologist. Then create your own TV show with our Me on TV Activity Worksheet. You can act out on your “TV Show” what sounds you can hear in your home. Click the link below to download the “Me on TV” activity worksheet. DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEET>

7 Fun Container Garden Projects Kids Will Love By Kerry Michaels | June 3, 2019 If you have kids, you may have already started gardening with them, maybe they've grown up gardening, or maybe they've never planted a thing in their lives. No matter how much they know about gardening, they can enjoy these easy-peasy projects for their originality, the fun of seeing results quickly, and the ability to do them both indoors and out. You can actually start most indoors then move them to containers outdoors. SOURCE: READ MORE >

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