MAY 2021 Family Fun Adventures

May is all understanding SIZES & MEASUREMENTS. This is a great time to help your child understand the differences in sizes and shapes as well as how to measure things in their environment. All our recommended books encourage exploration of their rooms, their neighborhoods, and their world. There are also some terrific articles to help you introduce these concepts to your child, making math natural and fun. We also have included a COMPARING SIZES workbook to help enhance your math adventures!

Montessori is about learning naturally through play and observation. At Casa Montessori, as a family-owned and operated company, we also know the importance of working (and playing) together as a family. We believe in encouraging families to play together, make memories and have adventures.

You can also find our adventures on our social media platforms. We would LOVE to see your family's adventure. Upload some pictures to your social media platforms and tag us and use the hashtag #casafamilyfun We will keep an eye out! You can also encourage your friends to join our Family Fun Adventures too. They will be so glad that you did.

Happy May!

The Staff of Casa Montessori Preschool.

Weekend Family Fun Challenge


There are so many different shapes and sizes in our world. Some things may LOOK the same, but when they are compared, are NOT the same. Search your home and your neighborhood for things that look the same. Are they the same height? The same weight? Visit our Family Fun Adventures MAY blog, just click the link below and then download the COMPARING SIZES WORKBOOK. Have FUN!

Casa Montessori Reading List

Join our NEW 30 day reading challenge. You can start your challenge off with the books listed below or just choose some of the books you have at home. The goal is to read a book every day. We have a 30 day reading challenge worksheet for you to download (click the button below) with the very unique places to read, people to read with and book subjects you can read about. Once you have completed a "challenge" enter the information into a Google Form (CLICK HERE) and then submit it to be entered in to win one of the books below (the title is a SUPRISE!).

BOOK #1: Mighty Maddie

Written by Stuart J. Murphy & Illustrated by Bernice Lam

Mighty Maddie is perfect for teaching comparing weights to pre-K through kindergarteners. Maddie's room is a mess. Maddie's toys are everywhere. And Maddie has to clean them up before her birthday party starts. This looks like a job for MIGHTY MADDIE! Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a vacuum cleaner, Mighty Maddie, the room-cleaning superhero, gives readers a playful lesson about the difference between light and heavy.


BOOK #2: How Tall, How Short, How Far Away?

Written by David A. Adler & Illustrated by Nancy Tobin

If you think a yard is a place to play ball, feet are only good for wearing shoes, and a palm is just a tree that grows in Miami, think again! They are all actually units of measure--different ways of measuring how tall, how short and how faraway things are. In this simple, hands-on math concept book, you'll learn how the ancient Egyptians and Romans used their fingers, hands, arms, and legs as measuring tools. But don't worry if it's all Greek to you. With David A. Adler's playful, informative text and Nancy Tobin's colorful illustrations explaining the difference between customary and metric systems, you'll really measure up!


BOOK #3: Twelve Snails to One Lizard

Written by Susan Hightower & Illustrated by Matt Novak

Mischief and measurement go hand in hand in this hilarious story about a beaver trying to fix the leak in his clam and the bull-frog who plays a big joke on him. What do twelve snails, three lizards, and one hungry snake have to do with Milo Beaver's leak and Bubba Bullfrog's joke? Well, it just so happens that these pond-side animals are the perfect tools for measuring . . . if only Milo can get them to stand still in a very straight line!

Wonderfully funny art, a jolly text, and comic-like pages make this an ideal classroom and story hour title. A unique list of measurement facts about the animals featured in the book is included.


BOOK #4: Counting on Frank

Written & Illustrated by Rod Clement

"If Frank were a humpback whale, however, only ten would fit into our entire house. I asked Dad about this, and he said they would get in the way of the television." Such funny scenarios throughout this beloved book teach children about simple math concepts. Counting on Frank has inspired countless students to get excited about math. Readers follow along as Frank, an irresistible canine, and his imaginative owner create all sorts of counting, measuring, and calculating challenges for themselves. Like the book's characters, students will discover that math has practical, but also very fun applications. Highly amusing, vividly drawn watercolors complement the humorous and informative narrative of this best-selling book.


BOOK #5: Super Sandcastle Saturday

Written by Stuart J. Murphy & Illustrated by Julia Gorton

Help kids with their math skills plus their reading skills with the engaging and fun MathStart series!

Super Sand Castle Saturday is perfect for teaching measuring to first, second, and third graders. One Saturday at the beach, Laura, Juan, and Sarah decide to have a sand castle contest. As the tide rises, the walls get longer, the towers get taller, and the moats get deeper. The friends measure their sand castles with spoons, shovels, and bare feet until Larry the lifeguard and his tape measure surprise them all.


Helpful Articles and Resources

Pre-K Math: Sizes & Measurement By Karen Cox Here are some lessons and activities for teaching Sizes & Measurement in Pre-K and Preschool. SOURCE: READ MORE >

Math Play: How Young Children Approach Math

By Scholastic Staff Writer Mathematical experiences for very young children should build largely upon their play and the natural relationships between learning and life in their daily activities, interests, and questions.

Four-year-old Nita is playing with four dolls that came from a set of six. Passing by, her teacher inquires, "Where are the others?" Her teacher overhears Nita say, "Ummm…[pointing to each doll] I'm calling you 'one.' You're 'two' and 'three' and 'four.' Where are your sisters, 'five' and 'six'?" She plays with the dolls for another minute. "Oh! You are 'six'? And you are 'five'? Well, let's go find sisters 'three' and 'four.' I gotta find them, too."

Nita incorporated counting into her play to keep track of her dolls. We know play is important to young children's development, so it isn't surprising that children's play is the source of their first "pre-mathematical" experiences. SOURCE: READ MORE >

10 Playful Math Activities for Preschoolers By Deborah Stipek, Ph.D. Learning math promotes working memory, improves attention, and increases other basic cognitive skills. Various studies have shown that a child's math skills upon entering kindergarten can strongly predict her future academic performance in both math and reading throughout the elementary grades.

But don't head to the store to buy flash cards and worksheets, which might squelch your child's natural interest in the subject. Instead, engage her in these playful math activities to help her develop a strong foundation. SOURCE: READ MORE >

Your Child's Mathematical Mind By Douglas Clements, Ph.D. Everything around us can be better understood with mathematics. Math can help children make sense of and think about the many aspects of their world through its connections to them. When we see — and help our children see — those connections, we enrich their overall learning and development. You give your child a great gift when you help him make connections between the math in everyday situations and the math he learns in school. SOURCE: READ MORE >

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