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Updated: Oct 11

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Casa Montessori September Family Fun Adventures blog

Hello Families!

Summer has come and gone. Hopefully this summer you have had some incredible family fun adventures! As school begins again though, ease your preschool back into school with some fun ways to learn about the Five Senses. This month you can download our “Five Senses” workbook (from, read some interesting books and articles, and create your own way to explore the five senses together as a family.

Happy September!

The Staff of Casa Montessori Preschool


Weekend Family Fun Challenge

September begins the back-to-school routine. It is easy to get too busy to play together or learn new things as a family. Take some time this month to talk about the five senses and have some fun! You can check the books out at your local library or build your library by purchasing the books below. You can enter to win a FREE book by using our Google Form or simply download our PDF version and keep track at home.

CASA- 9- SEP 2022- 30 Day Challenge Worksheet
Download PDF • 241KB

In order to learn more about the five senses, we are also providing you with a worksheet full of facts and fun. Download the worksheet and have a family fun adventure this month.

9- SEP -five-sense-science-workbook
Download PDF • 6.93MB


Reading Challenge

BOOK #1: Smell (The Five Senses Series)

A series to awaken young minds to the wonders of the senses: the taste of oranges, the aroma of fresh-baked bread, and other sensations that give us delight in being alive. Educational, yet fun to read, this clever series is clearly written and cheerfully illustrated in flowing colors throughout. Each book includes scientific backmatter to help parents answer their children's questions about the senses.


BOOK #2: My Five Senses (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)

Read and find out about your five senses in this colorfully illustrated nonfiction picture book.

Sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch—our five senses teach us about our world. Beloved author-illustrator Aliki’s simple, engaging text and colorful artwork show young readers how they use their senses to smell a rose or play with a puppy.


BOOK #3: Using Your Senses

by Rebecca Rissman

Introduce readers to the five senses through these colorful titles. Each book focuses on one sense and the associated sensory organs. Bright and clear photographs show readers a variety of sensations, and simple graphics illustrate how the sensory organs function.


BOOK #4: I Can Sense! (Fun Games About The 5 Senses)

by Katrina Liu

What are your five senses? Open this educational book to find out the answer! This preschool science workbook employs a powerful combination of text and images to drive home a point. Your child will love this book because he/she is learning without pressure. Make sure you grab a copy of this book today!



Helpful Articles and Resources

Teaching Kids in Preschool About the Sense of Sight

In kindergarten science, children learn to become aware of their five senses and how they use these senses as observational skills. Teaching children about the sense of sight is easier than you think. Below are a few fun ways to get kids thinking about sight. These lessons can help make kids aware that they are using this sense daily to explore the world around them.



Preschool Five Senses Article

When you are putting together activities for your preschoolers, how can you make them a multi-sensory experience?

How can you add five senses activities to your everyday life, at home, and at school?

Using our five senses strengthens our everyday experiences. It helps us understand the world around us.



5 Senses Activities for Preschoolers – Science Centers

Calling all scientists, explorers, and exhausted teachers who could use hand planning science centers for the entire year with just one simple click of the mouse. 😉 Jokes and run-on sentences aside… lesson planning can be so time-consuming and overwhelming. These 5 Senses Activities for Preschoolers have been kid-tested and teacher-approved.



My Five Senses activities, crafts, lessons, games, and printables for preschool and kindergarten.

Our five senses allow us to enjoy the world around us -- the taste of our food, the sound of music, the beauty of a sunrise, the softness of a cat's fur, and the fragrance of a rose. Children may recognize the importance of their senses, but they don't often focus on them individually. This month we have created and gathered a multitude of games, activities, arts and crafts, and resources to help your child learn about each of the five senses. They will experiment with sound by making instruments, guessing what's inside a "feely" bag by using touch, investigating to find out why they can taste different flavors, and much more.




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