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Increasing your child's knowledge growth with our Primary 2 Montessori Preschool class. 

At Casa Montessori, we believe that young children learn best in an environment that encourages exploration, creativity, and independence. Our Primary 2 program provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating atmosphere for children from three to six years of age. Our teachers are dedicated to helping each child reach their fullest potential by providing personalized instruction and plenty of opportunity for hands-on activities. We strive to help our students develop their skills and interests in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support.

What will your child learn in our Primary 2 Montessori preschool class?

In our Montessori Primary 2, children are encouraged to explore, investigate, and discover through hands-on learning. Children are introduced to activities that are designed to help them develop the necessary skills to become successful and independent learners. Incorporated into the curriculum are materials, activities, and exercises that introduce children to visual arts, music, physical education, science, geography, and history. Through this approach, children are able to develop their cognitive and social-emotional skills as they explore and learn about the world around them.

Daily Schedule

student interest form

student interest form

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